Monday, August 17, 2009

Can anyone Charge the Earth?

17 Aug '09 : This is not the universal answer! Beware... The idea only works if:

1. You are using deep boreholes, where the heat you put down doesn't just escape to the air or the water table, as it would do with 'slinkies' under the lawn.

2. The soil round the borehole must be waterproof, ie it is clay or rock. Gravel with ground water will not work as heat will be taken away by water.

3. The primary part of the investment already needs to be made to put in the heatpump, the circuitry and boreholes and glycol filled pipes, So to charge it with heat, all one needs is to tee on a loop of glycol through the solar panels with its own thermostatically managed pump pump. This works in summer even when the heat pump is turned off or sleeping.

However... there are other things you can charge: a large storage tank, a shallowly planted grid of pipes in soil underneath the building - the main idea is to put it where you can get it back later.

Here's my Facebook entry for 16 August 2009 - committed myself publicly to doing this project!

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