Monday, August 17, 2009

How did the Boreholes get there?

We already have two boreholes under the house, which were put in November 2006, for the Heatpump. They are under the driveway.
     One goes down 46.5 m and the other is 48m down. They join at the surface. The soil is dense marl ie a mixture of clay and limestone fragments all the way down. Assuming a 3.6m active radius around them, and 5 m between them, that equates to about 8,000 tons of dense marl to dump heat into.
     The two boreholes contain a rugged plastic U-tube, that is contained in a sleeve of Bentonite, non-setting clay. The pipes meet at a manifold in an inspection chamber in the drive.
     The solar panel connection to this loop can be made in our Utility room, just above the heatpump.
     The boreholes are going to last longer than the house, theoretically you can connect a new technology GSHP every 25 yrs, or even build a replacement house every 150 yrs, and the same borehole pipes will suffice - assuming that the volume of the house is comparable, or that future house are even better insulated.
Youtube movie about the HeatPump, March 2007 for Radio Nottingham
Youtube movie about the Drilling Nov 2006 and more related to that.

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