Monday, August 24, 2009

Is this idea really new?

I don't think the IDEA of Solar Charging is new, but it doesn't seem to have been done on a full size house with deep boreholes, and subjected to testing and proof of concept. The Ice Energy manual has a circuit diagram showing how to link the Heatpump to fan coil units for comfort cooling in the summer (whereby cold glycol is circulated and surplus heat is dumped underground). Similarly, there are proposals for making use of a VBX unit (for air based heat reclaim). These require a circulating pump isolating valves and insulated pipes up to the collector. We also need to have the expansion tank moved up to the highest point.

The difference here is that instead of 'accidental gains' being sent deep into the ground, the plan is to hang a collector externally (with no specific purpose such as water heating).... it will be solely to harvest as much solar heat as possible, and send it straight down deliberately ... with no certainty that it will come back.... but a curiosity to see if it does.... and a determination to quantify the result.

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