Monday, August 31, 2009

Photovoltaic in Germany

31 Aug '09: We often hear that Germany has something like 200 times the amount of domestic PV installed, compared with the UK. This is mainly down to the feed-in-tariff which is a more powerful incentive than the fixed grant, and incentivises the larger installation, whereas a fixed grant with poor FiT encourages smaller installations.

This photo from southern Germany Aug '09 has a house in the background with?... well I counted 28, but if there is no dormer at the far end, it could be as many as 32 - nearly 6kW! If the sun is strong enough to need to shade the eyes, it's gotta be good for power generation. It demonstrates the benefits of building houses with south-facing 40ยบ roofs! See German Energy Agency.
If you want to know more about the young lady in the photo, she is currently riding a tandem bike from Norwich to Istanbul, which you can read about in her cycling blog.

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