Monday, August 17, 2009

Really, why do we need to do this?

17 Aug 2009: The IVT C6 ground source heatpump is correctly sized for the house, and the twin 50m deep holes are sufficient for a house of this volume.
The problem is more to do with high thermal capacity of the house and the use of underfloor heating. When the house needs to raise a few degrees, the heatpump is dismayed at how long it takes to warm up because underfloor heating cannot get too hot without the tiles cracking. So the GSHP goes into overdrive, using the Immersion heater to speed up the process.
   In winter, the GSHP should really be left on all the time, so that the house never has a chance to cool down. The target house temperature is usually 21 degrees C, perfect by day, but a little too hot at night.
   If I can have a criticism of the machine, it's a pity that there isn't a fingertip control to change the GSHP to Night mode, ie allow it to work to a night-time target temperature of 18, and then a quick fingertip control back to Day mode.
By having much warmer ground to get the heat from, the GSHP will more rapidly find the heat it needs. However we will still have to remember that the house takes time to warm up if it was allowed to cool down (e.g during a holiday period).

During the Summer period our normal consumption is 9-11 Kwhr per day. Over the last 30 months, our Average daily consumption has been 23 Kwhr. Clearly we are using too much in Winter, and Space heating is the primary difference between the seasons.
  Other things like Lighting, hot water, laptops, printer, Fridge, power tools, dishwasher, washing machine, oven and hob use are much the same .
(Winter Lighting is slightly heavier for slightly longer hours of dark, balanced by more lawnmowing in Summer).
[Postscript: There is a night mode, I just didn't know about it at the time. Knowledge like that has to be eked out of Ice Energy a bit like someone sucking marbles out of a jar with a straw.... one item at a time!]

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