Friday, August 28, 2009

Researcher on board!

29 Aug '09: I have been talking to Dr Chris Wood of our own Department of the Built Environment (Uni of Nottm), who has recently graduated as a Roger Bullivant supported PhD student and whose work was on Ground source heat pumps from piles under residential buildings. The next stage in his research is likely to move in the direction of commercial buildings with deeper piles, and then of Solar Earth Charging. He has been extremely helpful in my project, and likely to take a close interest. Also he has already worked closely in conjunction with my own supplier of heat pumps, Ice Energy.
    He has raised the question of whether we should continue to work with a low temperature solar collector or go for the pro quality high temperature solar panel. This question will be one of the discoveries we make from the project. I favour the humble collector, partially because it is so cheap that every heat pump owner could afford to include it in their system if they are making the investment in boreholes.
    He also pointed out that there have been presentations and essays on the topic of Solar earth charging (including ones by himself), but nobody has yet agreed on what it should be called, and that these have been kept as industrial secrets and not published on the Internet. So here goes. How about Solar earth charging?

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