Monday, September 21, 2009

Meter bore, snore... but it's needed

21 Sept : If one is to research this properly, every piece of data must be recorded BEFORE the PV panels and the Solar GeoCharging are installed, and for the duration of the experiment AFTER they go in.

Ice Energy provided me with an electrical consumption meter for the actual Heat Pump, so we shall know precisely how much that uses, on a weekly basis (They offered me another for fitting internally, but that needs advanced plumbing, so that's for later).

At WEEKLY intervals, I am also measuring the operating hours of the heatpump and the immersion heater and the temperature of the deep Borehole, Domestic Hot Water consumption and total incoming Cold Water supply, and the amount of liquid pumped round the ground floor heating circuit in m3.

The Immersion heater could be disabled, but I don't want to, as the purpose of the research is to see if the Solar Geocharging will make it unnecessary. When it operates, the CoP of the Heat pump doesn't exist - the house is being heated directly from the grid - bad! It has used it for 444 hours since Feb 2007.

I already record the daily electricity consumption of the house. During the summer, this represents the cost of Appliances, Cooking and Domestic Hot Water. Extrapolate this, allow something for winter lighting and you have the annual consumption excluding Space Heating. I don't know the division of  =Power+Light= and =Cooking+DHW= - I am estimating they 2500 and 1750 annually. Subtract from the total of 8500 and you have the =Space Heating= at 4250 kWhr - we shall find out. Most Gas based houses use gas for Cooking and DHW, and their Power and Light are more like 3300.

When the PV is fitted, then there will be daily and weekly readings to record, and we shall see what the OfGem and the EvoEnergy meter will tell us.

I have worked out the consumption when in action and on standby of most of the power fittings in the house. I am not one of those who likes living in a dark or silent house, so we are not going to frantically turn everything off.

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