Friday, September 4, 2009

Solar Earth Charging: Programme of Action

As this seems to be a first for domestic property, and isn't a pre-defined commercial package, there is not a known package of components or fast track installation procedure (like there is for the PV roof). So, we are feeling our way a bit here, and developing what is possible and affordable with the help of Ice Energy and colleagues in the Dept of Built Environment. We need time to work it through, and to source the kit that is needed, plus the kit for monitoring, logging etc.

So I am suggesting this programme:

1. DNC to visit Ice Energy to collect frame and the compact collector (and some sundries that they will help us with, such as valves, meters, strainer), transporting back on roofrack. During week 14-18 Sept.

2. Fit the frame on the South Wall, including the collector, dry. We shall have scaffolders here before the 28th Sept for the Solar PV panels, and I can pay them to do a platform for the south wall. Fit it early October.


3. Work out exactly where to drill holes in the wall, and run the pipes horizontally - a straight run, the full length of the house, at floor level in our loft to a position above the GSHP, still dry. Mid October.

4. Extending the pipes down to GSHP, fitting expansion tank in loft, Valves, Strainer, flowmeters, temperature display, strainer, pump etc. many of the devices in the store above the staircase. Insulate pipes in loft to prevent condensation.

5. Final teeing in connection of the new loop, with the non return valve etc. and filling with extra glycol. Final insulating.

6. Get it running, but make sure displays and dataloggers etc are working.

Perhaps this all done by early November.. too late to get much solar heat down into the deep ground, but never mind. Its as fast as we can do it - and the south wall does get sun even in winter. Because we will be getting into winter, the final connection and glycol filling needs to be done quickly.

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