Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Solar panels are coming... Recalculate!

22 Sept : We are expecting the scaffolding this week, and the 22 panels to go in early next week.
    I have recalculated the payback at a more disadvantageous rate, to make sure that it still works, and of course it does. Solar Century advise a general split of what we SELL and what we USE as 50-50%. But it's advisable to consider a 70-30% split, because most power-lighting is used in evenings. In a gas heated-cooking household, very little power is used in the daytime (if people at work) so the split could be 80-20%. As we are an all-electric household (albeit with heatpump not direct heating) the ratio improves in our favour as more power is used in the daytime - this could be closer to the 50-50. So on a pessimistic 70-30 basis, we are still well into profit.
    EvoEnergy have also offered to instal better than usual display, so that we can record additional data such as daylight levels and panel temperature (all of which affect their performance).

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