Thursday, October 29, 2009

Circuit diagram, with battery

Oct 29 : I am venturing to put this diagram on the Blog, although its not finalised. I have to discuss it with friends and experts.
As we don't know if the thermal battery will work, this is a dual system - either 2 circuits using the battery, or one circuit, bypassing the battery. It has to be manually changed with 4 lever-ball valves next to the battery.
     It been suggested that I could clean it up by using a 3-way battery (although have already bought the ball valves). However if the 3-way valve can be activated by an electric switch, that would be good.
There are Flowmeters to record all the volumes of liquid in circuits. All the pipes are 28mm, being laid to fall, with airlock release valves wherever needed.
The warmed glycol never goes to the heatpump first - it would shut down if getting glycol hotter than somewhere in the 20s. So glycol from the battery or the solar panels has to go to the ground first.

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