Friday, October 9, 2009

Fear of steep energy rise

Today, 9th October, one of the hottest talking points in the news is the OFGEM report on future Gas and Electricity prices. Both of these will rise steeply in the next ten years (even without taking account of inflation). Every time the prices go up, the urgency for householders to become small generators increases, and the payback gets quicker. There are different strategies for the next ten years, Dash for Growth, Slow Growth, Green Transition, Green Stimulus etc, but the only one that will keep prices stable is more of the Green Stimulus, where the government actively provides incentives to push people to being green faster than mere dissatisfaction with the size of energy bills.
It is an irony that one of the factors that will slow the increase in prices of energy is the increase in renewable sources, balancing against the increasing cost of fossil fuel.
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