Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Immersion Heater kicks in!

20 Oct 2009: It brought home to me how valuable this exercise could be today. The Heatpump's Immersion heater function came on in the morning - the outside temperature was about 9º and inside 19.7º (so not really a lot to do), but it chose to accelerate the process with some one-to one heating - because the underfloor heating is so slow to make a real change. I noticed because the OWL meter suddenly said the house was using over 4 kilowatts! The meter reading at the end of the day was  22 kWh for the day, the highest I have seen since I started recording. (It coincided with a very overcast day and almost no PV generation).
    If Solar Geocharging can reduce this consumption - this switch from a CoP of 3 to no CoP at all - then it will be worth doing. (I had better go up to the loft and get on with laying pipes!)
If I am advising a client about a heatpump again, I would say that Underfloor heating is still best overall, but in rooms with a carpet, and in the location of the thermostat, there should be a modest sized low temperature radiator or hollow skirting - for the first to speed up the warming process, and for the second, to allow the user to tweak the valve so you can 'fool' the thermostat effectively. Our thermostat is in the hall, and if someone comes in the front door, it activated the heatpump far too quickly. is the site for our daily metering.

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