Wednesday, October 28, 2009

More Pipes, and Sasie discussion

Weds 28 Oct: installed more pipes in the loft and also worked on the drawings for the circuit and the design of the copper piping for the heat transfer elements in the thermal battery. The copper pipes are being laid dry (unsoldered), for which I am glad, as I am making a few amendments as I go.
    Had an interesting afternoon with Architect Mike Siebert, PhD student Nina Hormazabal (Nott'm Uni) and Engineer Mo Kelly (of Sasie, a company covering most of the renewable technologies, including Solar PV, Solar thermal and GS Heatpumps). Mo is interested in the wider applicability of our project. He has worked with reverse cycle heatpumps, putting heat down below to cool the building. He has looked and projects like the idea of 'renting roofs' for shared PV projects. Mike showed a website of ICAX (a company whose link is in the links section of Blog).
   Mo was interested in our thermal battery idea and the use of the low grade solar panels (good because they avoid overheating the battery or heatpump). The circuit is designed so that all heat goes to the ground BEFORE it goes to the heatpump - this is necessary because the heatpump's self protection would shut down if it received over-warm glycol directly.

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