Tuesday, October 20, 2009

'Planning' the FOUR design

Oct 19: I had a meeting with two of the dissertation students Robert-H and Joel-C, and one of my colleagues, Dr Rabah-B, who is a supervisor.  I also had an email from David of Ice Energy commenting on the layout below.
His comment was that we would be better to keep it simple by having them upright back to the wall not projecting out on a complicated metal frame. This will be cheaper and look better.
   He also asked if we have planning permission, and the answer is that we do. About 2 yrs ago, we had the idea of fixing a wind turbine on the south wall - and Rushcliffe refused (on spurious grounds, but I am now glad that they did) and offered by way of compensation to let me have a bunch of solar panels on the south wall.  So having paid about £170 for the planning application, I agreed rather than let it be wasted, never imagining that this permission would actually be used.
   He also suggested that we might consider 2 of the solar collectors and one Flatplate Solar panel in place of the other two, to catch more heat when the sun really shines. We could not do this as it would be too confusing for the students and for me to model the combination of two types of panel, as well as the fluctuating benefits from the PV roof. In an experiment, you try to shut out unpredictables or external variables so that the data from the experiment is credible and repeatable.
   One of the long term ideas is that this idea can be packed up as an commercial add-on to a heat-pump installation, so it needs to be proven.

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