Sunday, October 4, 2009

PV Solar Panels in Action!

The Photovoltaic panels are in action now, and generating electricity.

One psychological problem that I have realised I have to live with is that if you instal in October, you are going to see your system decline in performance for the next 4 months! It's like spending seventeen grand on a new car, only to see it performing worse and worse, until three months after buying it, it's only as fast as a bicycle! I can see why the new tariffs will start in April, it would be too depressing to have them start in October!

In its first week, we have had varied performance from it, from 4.5 kWh on a cloudy gloomy day to getting 11.5 kWh today (Sunday 4th) because of a bright sunny morning with fast moving clouds. I can see that there will be times when I am angry over a cloudy morning, followed by a sunny afternoon and evening... Let's hope those are balanced by days like today.

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