Thursday, October 15, 2009

Struggling with Panel arrangements

I have started putting pipes in the loft, but stopped for a good think.

  • The Top Left is what I have near enough agreed with Ice Energy , two verticals, horizontally arranged.
  • Bottom left is more economical in piping and fits better between the window and the corner, and needs a longer piece of 40mill pipe, and needs a curvy hose or two elbows to connect the panels.
  • Top Right is an Extension of that, with the panels still vertical, but with three, as one of my colleagues thought that 2 such panels as we have will not make enough impact. I would need a third panel and more piping.
  • The Bottom Right is interesting - it's the best fit on the wall and uses the least amount of joints and piping. However, I guess the panels are designed to be used upright, and may not work well on their sides. Putting them on the side like this puts the widest parts of the panel vertical. My colleague thinks the glycol will find too quick a path through the panels, and leave dead spots at the opposing diagonal corners.... or is it possible that things will even out, and if the opposing corners warm up more, they will mix faster? would a slower or faster pump speed make a difference here. does maximum efficiency matter when we are simply dumping the heat, not trying to nudge up the temperature of water?
If you click on the illustration, it will enlarge.

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