Sunday, October 18, 2009

Timescale thoughts - December!

18 Oct : I am keen to get on with this project, but also have realised that there is a benefit to doing meter and temperature readings without the benefit of Solar Geocharging as we move into the winter. Ideally we should wait an entire winter, so it can commence the charging during the summer, and compare with next winter.
However, this would not be a help for our 'one-year' research students who would like to see the diurnial benefits in April/May 2010. It would mean another winter of higher fuel bills (and more carbon emission as we use more coal burnt power). So I will work in a relaxed kind of way on this, until at least the solstice... so there is time for real thought on the plumbing and installation details. As there is little sun in December and January, we won't expect great things of this until the sun shines more in February and March.

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