Wednesday, November 4, 2009

3D Model of the thermal battery

Nov 4: I have been working on a 3d model of the 3D battery and elements, not just for fun... but it looks better for illustrations on the blog, and will help me in the fabrication process. It helps in finally deciding the positions of pipes - the copper elements have to be fabricated outside the tank and lowered through the holes in the lid.... and must be designed so they won't settle in the tank, or get air bubbles in them.

The outer pipes are 28mm copper, and the cross pipes are 15mm, to give some distribution of glycol, without having a short circuit. Also, the cross pipes enable me to fix legs which will keep the elements at the right height and slope.

December postscript: I have returned the plastic water tank and ballcock to Screwfix, but will retain the spheres and will have a go at this in summer. I will put in Ballvalves at the point on the pipe where the battery could be inserted.

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  1. it would be good to add thin aluminium plates to the copper pipe to form fins! .i.e. squares of aluminium with 15mm holes in and then slid onto the pipe!


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