Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Discussion with Ice Energy: Bottles

Nov 3 '09: After meeting Chris, I had a phone conversation with David Atkin of Ice Energy. I explained the changes in the plumbing for the panels which he seems satisfied with. He had some important points to make about the positioning of Expansion bottles, air release valves and Glycol top-up bottle on the plumbing diagram.
   The new plumbing arrangement gives more equal share to all the panels, but one can also control this with Valves (normal screw down ones) which is how a plumber balances heat distribution in a central heating system. The diagram and panel arrangement now equalises all the panels, so that there is no need for controlling valves which would present yet more restriction for the liquid flow and cause more work to the pump. In this diagram, hot glycol from the panels can never get directly to the heatpump, it has to circulate through the boreholes first, or through the battery of PCM balls, depending on the setting of the valves.
I only have two of the Solar Focus panels, so I need to visit Oxford to get the other two, or have them shipped up to Nottingham.
Another question will be about the speed at which to run the pump. Sluggish, or quick?

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