Monday, November 16, 2009

Let the Plumbing begin!

Nov 16: For some weeks, I have been working out the lengths and dry jointing pipes in the loft. This weekend I finally soldered some of these, so the arrangement of panels is now fixed! These are all at the South end, and the panels will be on the external side of the wall. Yes, maybe they are a bit rough (all soldered, no Yorkshire or compression fittings...) but I don't think they will leak.
    I also began making one of the copper elements for the thermal battery, although in some ways, I wish I hadn't discovered those PCM balls, my life would be simpler if the Solar-air panels were just directly connected to the ground. It is isolatable, so if the battery never works, it doesn't matter hugely, as the system can run as originally intended. I feel so strongly curious about it, that I am prepared to build the thing, and see what happens.

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