Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Peveril Solar roof is on line!

Nov 17: Kevin and Dan from EvoEnergy spent a bit of time at the house completing the installation of the link from our solar PV roof to SMA's ftp site on the internet, with Dan doing the hard work of reading the manual, and trying to work all the network settings.
     The Schuco inverter and SunnyBeam transmitter box come from a German company called SMA, and now there is now a live information feed from our router to the SMA server. SMA's website then stores and re-broadcasts the info to anybody who cares to see. So here is the graph of our roof, http://tinyurl.com/peveril-solar-roof. The info is blocked to quarter hour intervals, and takes about 45 mins to be compiled to graphics (and seems to show continental time). But it's great to have a display that builds up the calender of previous days, weeks, months and more.
It has been hard to manage without the hand held unit, and it is a sorry fact that the inverter doesn't allow one to use Both the Handheld and the Web display. But we went for the Web connection, as the widely visible display and record keeping is more important.
I see that our installation gets a mention on the EvoEnergy wordpress Blog.

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