Thursday, November 26, 2009

Solar Rushcliffe Initiative Idea

25 Nov: On Dec 1 I am going to Rushcliffe Borough Council to present an idea about making a Solar Initiative in the borough.
I am doing a pilot study, developing a methodology for what could be a larger project, done by volunteers. I am evolving a Filemaker database structure, with the fields that would be required such as area, orientation, location. We could create a website that people could go to, to get information and register their interest.
    I am using Map-Photo analysis, combining Googlemaps and aerial photography, and Digimap vectorised OS plans to map the roofs of West Bridgford, (and a bit of local knowledge) assessing them for building type, roof angle, kilo-wattage that could be installed. Main buildings, plus streets, plus some individual houses. Using local knowledge wherever possible. Perhaps identifying 500-1000 prime targets for PV generation. Nottingham Forest, Rushcliffe CC, Notts County Hall, ASDA, the Tennis Centre, Trent Bridge CC, some of the churches, and suchlike are all good for Larger installations. But then whole streets have house that are suitable… and many streets have hipped roofs in which none of the houses are suitable.
    The end result would be to have an informative website, and to write a very clear colour leaflet setting out the benefits, payback and costs, and then an individual form letter from the database to the householders declaring that their property has been identified in the research project as extremely suitable, and inviting them to ask for further details with a view to having their roof done (with a grant if before April 2010).
   To keep this simple, it is focused on Solar PV – which needs clear roofs. [Solar thermal can be fitted with little 2 sqm panels on any roof, and merely supplements existing heating systems.]
PV is answering the longer term need which is to reduce coal and gas burning for grid electricity.

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