Sunday, December 20, 2009

Addition of three tracking panels?

I have in mind to increase our PV installation, but instead of more on the roof, there is room on the south wall for 3 more panels which are tracking. I could design and build the tracking frames.

I would like to know if or when there is a change in the kW rating assessment for banding of the Feed-in tariff. ie is it globally 31p if you go a step over 4KW, or if it is progressive (ie any amount over 4kW is at the lower tariff). Presently, the 36.5p per kWhr applies to systems 'nominally' under 4kW, not actually under. Its not known what happens if you install 4.4kW nominally, but because 4kW of it faces east it would never generate that amount in reality. Does the whole lot go to 31p or only the amount that exceeds 4kW?

Only three panels - 540W nominal, would generate a massive 583 kWhr in a year if tracking - eg one would change the angle every 2 months to maximise the harvest (easy to work out the perfect angle.)
The two windows open inwards, so one can simply open them and adjust the angle with bolts. Here you see a Winter, Summer and Equinox setting, from left to right.
I have written to EvoEnergy to ask. I wish I had thought of this earlier and had three fewer on the roof. I am keen enough on this idea to think that if I really am limited to 22 panels, I will have three moved from the roof to the wall.

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