Sunday, December 13, 2009

Drilling holes for the metal structure

Dec 13: This is a view from behind, of the panels and the Polycarbonate boxes. The holes have been drilled in the wall for all the anchor bolts. I will have 50x50 angles top and bottom, which can support the panels and the boxes. I was going to make the boxes of pure polycarbonate using 8mm with patchplate brackets, but have now ordered 6 mm (for lightness and greater transparency) and will have small Aluminium angles at the corners. I will now have the boxes completely closed (including a soffit along the bottom), and the only ventilation is around the entry/exit pipes. This will build up a good temperature inside.
   I hired a diamond tipped coredrill to make the 32mm holes through the wall for the glycol pipes.
    Only disadvantage of the glassy boxes is that I shall have to sense the temperature of the panels by checking the pipes in the attic, as the glassy surround will stop me reading the temperature externally with an infrared thermometer.
    The same effect keeps the heat inside as the panels cannot lose heat by radiating outward through the polycarbonate. They will radiate back to the brick wall. I have contemplated facing the brick wall with reflective foil, but on balance there is a beneficial thermal storage effect from allowing the wall to get hot, and this will keep the space warm after sunset.
I have a difficulty picking up the metal angles, as the car is being repaired at the moment. I have the scaffolding now till early Jan, so there is time to do it well.

Dec 14: spent a while in the Faculty of Engineering stores deciding on the final cutting list requirements for the aluminium sections and the bolts - which can be collected later in the week.

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