Saturday, December 5, 2009

Electrorad offer Solar Geocharging fence

5 Dec: Here is a product that is specifically linked to solar earth charging, although its too new to appear on Electrorad's website. It's called ThermoSolar Fence. [ ]

As this is specifically for Heatpump, I guess my friends at Ice Energy should add it to their inventory. I would recommend it - now we are reaching the solstice, I suspect my heatpump will using increasing amounts of immersion heater instead of ground heat. This fence is another good idea, although it should not be overshaded by nearby bushes or trees.
A few metres of this, above and below ground, and not overshadowed, would probably be enough for a whole house, combining the benefits of air-solar with the battery effect of the ground - saving the cost of deep boreholes.

Thermosolar on World Architecture News
(its important to look at the smaller pictures which explain it well)
Greendiary page on the Thermosolar fence

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