Sunday, December 20, 2009

First Panels go up!

Dec 20: The sun shone all morning, so I got all four panels up.
Just as I finished, the sky grew dark and filled with snow, so I don't have a photo of all four, but here is one of the first panel going on.
All the panels fitted well and the biggest problem was fixing the stiff rubber hosing to join them together. The panels immediately responded to the sun, and you can see how this one curves as the front face is hot and the back face cold - when liquid flows through, the temperature will be more even.

The sunshine of the morning gave us an excellent haul of 3.99 kWhr and by the time the snow came, the sun was well round to the west. As today is the Solstice, this gives a good calibration for what the PV panels can achieve. Lets hope we have sunny days on June 20/21, Mar 20/21 and Sept 20/21.

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