Saturday, December 5, 2009

Perfect December curve

4 Dec '09: We had a cold but sunny day, without a single cloud all day. So the solar harvest is short but very clean, and represented a total of 4.5kWhr, the best that a December day will do. We have a hill to the south of us, which explains why the bell curve is so steep at the start. Normally when sun rises, it is starting in a haze and the bell curve rises smoothly. In our case, the sun in December has already risen, and it peeks suddenly over the hill at full strength - so the curve is nearly vertical. After noon, the power is coming from the bright sky, not directly sunlight.
The best day in October was 13 kWh, the best in November was 7.6 kWh and the best in December 4.5 kWh. So, of course, I am looking forward to seeing the figures improve after Dec 21, as we move to the spring and summer.
Total for October was 184 kWhr and we got 109 kWhr in November.

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