Saturday, December 19, 2009

Rails go up onto wall

19 Dec: The Forest game was at 5.20pm which was great as it left all the daylight for getting some outdoor work done. I have had the Rails finished for some days now, so was desperate to make more progress. The Eight holes were drilled, and the rails are now held firmly by anchor bolts, all in the correct location.
I have been slow because I realise the need for extreme accuracy - almost like modelmaking - the spacing of the holes on the panels gives little scope for mistakes, and I already have 8 unwanted holes that I drilled last week and then realised were in the wrong place. So accuracy is essential, even though it is time consuming. I am building a prototype, so have no precedent to work from. I have to think it out through design, and then cut or drill accordingly.
Let's hope that the Polycarbonate panels (when they arrive) are cut accurately by the suppliers and need no further trimming. If so, they will fit perfectly with minimal cutting and a lot of accurate drilling.
By the way..... Forest beat Preston 3-0 at home. I think that is the 14th unbeaten game in a row.
Another By the Way..... we seem to be weather-lucky as the forecast for the 20th-21st Dec is for a clear sky and high pressure, meaning that we hope to get a classic solar bell-curve indicating the maximum PV harvest possible at the moment of the Winter Solstice.

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