Saturday, December 5, 2009

Scaffolding goes up in one hour!

Dec 5: these guys don't hang about! The 30 cubic metres of scaffolding was up in a flash on Saturday morning, I had time only to make them some tea and take some photos, and it was all done!

And Emperor Scaffolding of Leicester were kind enough to leave some old planks for me to use in the Veg garden. I have the scaffolding now till the first week of Jan.
And I now feel slightly guilty that Forest hammered Leicester 5-1 on the same day! :)
(still... football is more important than Life and Death, as Bill Shankly said famously)


  1. Just a quick point David - i dont want to tell you anything you may already know - but when you put the feed pipes through the walls to the air panels, ensure that the pipes have a slight gradient towards the outside. In that way any condesation on the pipes will fall away from the building! else you will end up with a wet wall :(

  2. Hi Chris, I was going to do that so the air bubbles go inside to the air release valves in loft. Lucky that the direction also works for condensation! also... the Lexan is now ordered, in precut sizes, so I can make the glass boxes next week. And I have designed the metal L-section framing to hold the solar-air panels.

  3. That scaffolding only took that long because half of what should be included to make it safe is missing...I would not get on that Scaffold full stop and you should not have let anyone work on it, do you have a safety advisor? If so please get him to review your procedures, if not get one before you kill you or your operatives..PD those scaffold boards for the Garden are probably as safe as the ones on the scaffold!!!!


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