Sunday, January 24, 2010

Adding the roofs to Polycarbonate boxes

24 Jan 2010: the Boxes are now nearly finished although they do not have bottom panels. I am not sure if they will ever have those. If they can't be operated or modified without scaffolding, I need to devise a detail, or go without them. (of course they can be operated just by opening the bedroom window and reaching up..... silly me!)
      I now have working tilting rooflets. These can be operated from inside the loft. There is something poignant about building these, as Luke'n'Soph helped me work out how they would be tilted using aluminium rods, and I feel that they have to be included even if they don't get used.
  A friend asked me if they are programmable or manual. Well, they only need to be changed as I see fit, eg open in height of summer and fully closed Oct-April. I dont yet know how open they will need to be, or how hot the panels inside will get (I can detect with a handheld infrared thermometer) or measuring the temp of the return glycol. The intermediate settings are for experimentation. This is the most open they can be, but if fully open, they would hold raindrops and get dust deposition. Even if they are changed, it would be once every three months.
25 Jan: I have now bought extra bolts and aluminium plates to make the front panels hinge. I guess there might be a need to do maintenance from a ladder, so it's not a good idea to make the polycarbonate panels so they are fixed, and have to be lowered or raised from a ladder. This would be impossible, even with two people. New scaffolding would be needed every time.
So, I shall design a top hung hinging detail to the side panels so that the two front faces can be unscrewed at the front and swung out for inspection purposes, eg to check leaks from hoses, jubilee clip corrosion, cracks in the black panels, or any other possible problem.
  All my experience with Meccano 50 years ago has been VERY helpful! There is so much you can do with Bolts, Washers, Brackets, Angles and Flats!

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