Friday, January 8, 2010

List of remaining tasks

The remaining tasks are:

1. Get the Polycarbonate boxes assembled and up on the wall to surround the panels. [done]
1a. Include the 'flipping lids' and their control levers. [done]
1b. Modify the boxes so that the front panels can be tophung hinged forwards, from a ladder. [done]
1c. Add in flipping bottom panels of the glassy boxes. [done]

2. Get the Glycol (50 litres of premix are on their way), and the replacement energy-flowmeter. [done]

3. Install the thermal flowmeter and tighten up all compression joints. [done]
3a.  ...and get a plumber to make the three final connections to the heatpump, moving the glycol tank to the loft. [done]

4. Charge up the system with the new glycol, and run it to check for leaks in the copper and the hosing plumbing. [done]
5. Insulation - this is very very important, cold pipes in a house can drip with condensation if not very well insulated. the system must not be run for any length of time without insulation. [done]

6. Install thermocouples and thermostatic switches to turn the pump on automatically when the air temperature near the panels is warmer than the ground temperature. Initially, I will run it manually with a simple on off switch. [done]

7. If all is working externally and not leaking, take down the scaffolding. [done]
8. Continue recording and publishing data - thermal and electrical, fit a datalogger. [done]
9. Monitor condensation risk [doing]

10. Develop graphs etc to compare performance of heatpump with earlier performance.

11. Experiment later in the spring and summer with ventilation settings for the polycarbonate boxes, but start with them closed during the winter months.

12. Write a User's manual, so this system can continue to be operated even if I fall under a bus.

13. Search for another heatpump user, so that a comparator can possibly be installed in their house!

On other parts of project:

1. Make planning application to extend the existing permission, to allow me to have 3 tracking PV solar panels on the south wall.   [done]

17 Jan: Got number one on the list done, the polycarbonate panel up to the scaffolding and on to the wall.... although the little roofs are still in the garage. That's good progress for a day, in the short hours of daylight.

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