Friday, January 8, 2010

Modular plumbing - for future expansion

The Plumbing is finished above the ground floor, apart from tightening up the compression joints in my 'Modular Zone', the 1.1m long section containing flowmeter pump, and now there are tees allowing me to add in the Thermal Battery or a water tank at a future date. (I nickname this "my personal Hadron Collider"... it seems like it...)
To be honest, I have become a lot more aware of Air source heatpumps recently, and realise that the thermal battery is far more relevant to them than to a ground source heatpump. As the circuit is presently routing glycol from the Pump to the Battery / Solar panels, down to the Earth and back to the Pump, the battery would not really store heat usefully because the earth is so much bigger. It could only be useful if we could modify the plumbing so that  the pump could go to the battery directly.
Solar earth charging would be a good way to dump excessive heat from a hot water tank in summer that is powered by a flatplate solar panel, because normally they get so much heat that they find themselves in stasis much of the time.

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