Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The new year

Emperor Scaffolding have very kindly extended the period for me to wait till the glycol is in the system so that I dont have to re-erect just because of one leak. I realised how important this is when inspecting the panels on Monday, and discovering a loose piece of hosing that would have leaked badly if not discovered. So now, all the hosing is complete, and if it wasn't for the glassy boxes, that part of the work would be finished.

And meanwhile I had a new year visit from a friend Adrian Harms who helped me think out a better method for getting the pipes to the ground floor, past our underfloor heated timber first floor, right next to the manifold - this is busier than Clapham Junction, so many pipes all set in sand in a 25mm space! So I have fashioned an aluminium frame (my favourite DIY material now!) to keep the water heating pipes well away from the very cold copper pipes that will go to the heatpump.

I have also got additional aluminium sections that will allow me to complete work on the glassy boxes.

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