Sunday, January 17, 2010

Polycarbonate panels up!

17 Jan: Got the polycarbonate panels up to the scaffolding and on to the wall.... although the little 'roof flaps' are still in the garage. That's good progress for a day, in the short hours of daylight.  There is no photo of the finished work as it was dark when I finished, and there is no moonlight either.

I had help from Dr Wu Yupeng from the Built Environment, and that was mainly for lifting the heavy panels. I had to take some brackets off the rails for drilling as it is far too difficult to drill in situ - breaking drill bits mainly and no space for the drill  body. The chuck has broken on the Press Drill, so I have to get that fixed and use a hand drill until then. We dropped one of the panels when it was half way up, but it is so solid but flexible, and well framed in aluminium that it suffered no more than a bit of mud.

Having exhausted the Faculty stores of all their suitable screws, I found all the screws (and more) I needed at Screwfix for less than a cup of coffee!

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