Thursday, January 7, 2010

Progress over the vacation : Plumbing nearly finished

The indoor plumbing is largely done now, although I worry a lot about trailing cold pipes through the house, and the risk of condensation. I was a millimetre away from making a decision to run the pipes externally down the wall of the house (in an enclosed weatherproof duct).  Its going to be essential to insulate with great care, even to winding insulation bandage around some of these fittings such as the flowmeter.

The next phase will be to install the Glycol, for which I will be patient until 50 litres of mix arrives from Ice Energy. They will also send an improved flowmeter. The one in the photo simply measures cubic metres. Ice Energy are offering a thermal flowmeter that measures the combination of volume and temperature, thus evaluating the kilowatt hours passing through.
The assembly in the photograph is not yet screwed tight, it is loosely assembled just to work out the pipe lengths. It is designed so that it is modular, i.e. it can be rebuilt in case I decide to include the Phase change spheres in a thermal battery (or to use a water tank). In fact this isn't final, I might NOW put in an additional set of Tees and two more lever ball valves just to make future fitting easier. I would need a large drip tray under the assembly as there is bound to be drips where metal parts of the pumps and meter are exposed.
This is far more difficult than hot water plumbing!

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