Saturday, January 30, 2010

Tilting front and soffits for glassy boxes

Jan 30: Still waiting for the Glycol, I am trying to find other things to do to complete the work in other ways. Saturday, Forest were playing away (lost 1-0 to Derby) so I had an afternoon on the scaffolding.
  We now have neat tilting soffits (bottom panels) to the boxes so that I can experiment with the airflow, balancing them with the tilting rooflets. The tilt is controlled with wingnuts. This will also make maintenance easier as it's a means of reaching inside to the lower hosing. In fact, they can be reached from the bedroom windows.
   I have also made Hinges from aluminium flat and stainless steel bolts, a tophung detail, enabling the front panels to be unscrewed from the sidepanels and safely hinged forward for more serious maintenance access. The tilting may never have to happen, but it will be vital if there is a glycol leak, or faulty jubilee clip - and will save on having to put up fresh scaffolding. the photo shows the detail. I wish I had made the rooflets 10mm longer at each end to form a small overhang.
 I have left the white Plastic covering on the polycarbonate because I dont want the space inside to overheat while the black panels only have air in them - and I feel it will be a proper 'ritual' to strip off the plastic sheeting when liquid flows.
   The original Plumber for my heatpump (who also installed our underfloor heating) rung up Friday, so we will try to get him to do the final heatpump connections and glycol filling.

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