Sunday, January 24, 2010

Tragedy intervenes

24 Jan: Following my 'good day' of last Sunday, 0530 am, we had a terrible phone call from my daughter in Aswan to say that her husband Luke, our beloved son-in-law, was drowned in a nocturnal felucca boat capsize in the Nile during a freak electric thunderstorm. It puts everything into perspective.

So it has been difficult to make progress, but I have discovered that time spent on the scaffold or drilling aluminium in the garage has had a therapeutic effect.
If there was a deity who could talk or listen, what bargain would one strike to reverse time and change the result?


  1. David,
    So sorry to hear about your terible loss, as you say it puts everything in perspective.
    Love following your blog and keeping in touch with your progress. Keep up the great work

  2. When the Glycol turns up, I shall make the next 'Great leap forward' !


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