Monday, February 1, 2010

Feed in Tariff News!

Monday 1st Feb is the date for the government to announce the decision on Feed in Tariffs. It seems that the rate for generators is better than expected, it will be 41.3p/kWh for domestic PV generators, plus 3p for units sold to the Grid. This is for 25 yrs.
   For people who wait 2 yrs (2012) the amount paid will degress by 8.5%, and by that amount every 2yrs thereafter. So do it sooner!
Apparently, it will be index linked. We don't yet know if the rate for installations larger than 4kW are progressive or banded, i.e. if we add three more panels, do we get 41.3 for the first 22 panels, and only 36 for the ones after that... or does the whole installation go to the next band? Good news, and it makes the economic calculation for PV even more beneficial.

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