Monday, February 8, 2010

Planning Application for more

7th Feb: I just realised that it's precisely 3 yrs since the Planning approval for the solar panels on the south wall - 8th Feb 2007.
Just to make sure, I sent to Rushcliffe BC a request for an extension of time, and a drawing showing the amendments to the arrangement of panels - with the thermal panels above, as built now (actually, Permitted Development), and the tilting PV solar panels as proposed.
Because the PV panels fold flat against the wall, they are probably Permitted Development (although they will spend most of their time more than 200mm from the wall). Therefore, I thought I would put this in for safety (as, theoretically it is free, being a follow on to a previous approval.) I would also incorporate a small metal folding platform under the windows, strong enough to stand on : but this would live in the garage and only be brought out when needed.

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  1. Ive been told by Rushcliffe that this will be considered as an amendment to the existing planning permission, hooray! So now to consider ordering the aluminium sections and think about the extra solar panels. I will also use the same sections to build folding platforms to sit on safely (from the window) if servicing the panels.


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