Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Solar roof hits 500.0!

Feb 22: Our OfGem meter finally hit exactly 500.0 kWhrs today, this is the amount harvested since 1 October 2009. Although our target is 2800 in the year, you might think we are behind target because that is nearly 5 months. But taking into account the angle azimuth and latitude, we are actually ahead of the target. By the end of Feb, we should have harvested 480 kWhr. The majority of the power comes in the summer months.
The image here comes from the website Sunnyportal.com and you can do a search on 26,000 sites around the world, all of whom use the SMA inverters. Put in the keyword 'Peveril' and you find ours. It is interesting to surf the countries and installations to see what others are doing (if they post photos).
By the way.... I had a Plumber visit at the weekend, and he is proposing to make the final connection for the heatpump on thursday of this week..... errr... thats postponed another few days... we still live in hope.

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  1. Your project sounds like an interesting one, it'll be interesting to see how the energy savings and project develop. Keep up the good work.


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