Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Datalogger ahoy!

15 Mar: The school electronics technician has lent me a Grant DT50 5-channel Datataker. I somewhat dread it as it is going to be another difficult learning curve from a formidably difficult looking manual and device, just as I am getting to grips with this differential thermostat.  There are at least 4 channels I need to record:

  • The external temperature in the shade,
  • The air temperature inside the glassy boxes
  • The Flow glycol to the panels
  • The Return from the panels.
  • (Can anyone think of a fifth?)
I am investigating more modern devices such as Wireless 4 channel dataloggers, and for this the TinyTag looks rather good. I wouldn't need to cart a PC up to the loft, or worry about serial ports etc. Dr Chris Wood thinks I should think about more temperature readings I might want to record, and maybe go for a datalogger with more channels. I think that for proof of this concept, those first four are the most essential.

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