Monday, March 15, 2010

Datalogging enquiries

15 Mar: Since my loft now has a visible temperature display of the airspace in the glassy boxes, I am up and down like a meerkat, every time the sun comes out, or goes in, to see how the temperature is doing. Clearly I need a datalogger. I thought this would be very complicated with a dedicated PC, some expensive card and probes, and some specialised software. Three years ago, we were loaned something like that, but it never worked well, and it was returned.

Now, there is a technology of UBS data logging sticks that look after themselves for weeks or months, and every so often you take them out and suck all the readings into Excel. Dr Wood has been advising me on this. You can get ones with remote probes. So I might get two, one for the north side of the house for external temperatures, and one for the glassy boxes. (I do have a sensor on the roof actually, connected to the PV panels, but this datalogs to SMA's website, and I can't match the data to the data from the solar boxes.)

After a week of working, in which the experiment seems to be working (GSHP daily consumption significantly reducing), it is now worth spending more on it to check how well it is working, and to store the figures. The experiment is only worth doing if it is provable, or is repeatable. I wish I knew another GSHP owner who I could compare notes with - or even make a plan for doing a similar exercise with.
It seems to me that this idea would work even on a GSHP with horizontal slinkies if only for the diurnial benefits There would not be interseasonal benefit with horizontal pipes unless the installer builds an underground polystyrene box for the slinkies - something you can only organise with plenty of land, and planned well in advance.

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