Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ecovation website

  I found a site called Ecovation which is about Eco-Renovation of buildings, and as soon as the scaffolding is removed, I shall be photographing the finished house and send the photo and the description in to Ecovation.  Ecovation is an interesting site, dedicated to people who are retrofitting or renovating existing buildings to make them more ecofriendly. It is full of case studies that might be inspiring to some of you.

3 Sept:    Hmmmm....  I think that Ecovation are purely Oxford based, as they have not replied to me. Well, we have a WEST BRIDGFORD Ecohouses website now, started by Karina Wells and Tina Holt as part of Transition West Bridgford and with the same intentions as Ecovation. There is also a good Case Study about the Peveril Solar house on the Good Energy Website.

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