Monday, March 15, 2010

Meerkat datalogging

15 Mar: My first day with the thermostat has been interesting, reading the temp. of the air in the glassy boxes. I popped a head up into the loft at 0830 and it was 12.4. By 0900 it was 21.4 and by 1020 it was 26. I left the glycol system off for the first 2 hours. With the sun coming and going ('cloudy bright') the temperature settled at about 24-26 degrees C.
    At 1100, I turned the pump on, and within a short while, the temperature in the boxes had fallen to 13.0 degrees, showing that the heat was being drawn out at a good rate (and thus cooling the air in the sunbox.)
   With the thermostat now managing it, the pump to the boxes will resume again when the air temperature in the boxes has recovered (eg sun comes out again), or when the heatpump hibernates between heating periods.

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