Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Neon indicator required

17 March: What I would like in the house is a couple of small Neon dashboard lamps to indicate when the pump is running or not running. Another way would be to move the whole thermostat unit into the first floor landing instead of in the loft, as it lights up a small red indicator when the relay is activated - but I don't want to separate the kit from its tidily compact location in the loft.
    The thermostat can also turn something On when it turns the pump Off, so I could have a red light for 'not working', and a green light for 'working'. Seems a better idea to run a couple of thin DC flex to a location on the landing, with two lights set into a little dashboard or panel. It would be nice to have a rotary switch on the same panel with three settings: All off, Normal working, and All on.

19 March Postscript: I have now bought the Neons from  Maplins . And I have worked out the wiring and soldered the bits that will go into a pattress box with a master override switch. It now remains to extend the wiring to a location on our first floor landing. Amber meaning that power is On, Red means that the system is Not Pumping, and Green means that is is working - like Traffic lights!

21 March Postscript: The Neon display is now installed in the Utility room next to the Heatpump and is very useful - when the HP comes on, it cools the glycol, and one will see the green light come on, and the converse in the evening, as the air temperature falls, and the HP spends some time sleeping (redlight). The neons are very delicate, and I finished up solding them all in. My attempts to use Push fit connectors failed - they are either so loose, they fall off, or they are so tight, they break the terminals. I had to open one of the neons and make a tiny delicate re-soldering to the internal circuit.

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