Thursday, March 18, 2010

March Circuit Diagram

18 March: Now that the system is up and running, here is a new Circuit Diagram, that is highly evolved from the one that was done sometime last year.
  As Blaise (PhD student) will now be taking a greater interest in it, it was important to bring this diagram up to date.
  I also have a BA student about to do an up to date SAP calculation for this house, so must send him some scaled drawings!
19 Mar: A few days ago, I thought it would be good enough to have the Cold sensor on the cold pipe in the loft, but of course, on the first warm day of the year (19th) it appeared that the temperature in the loft can be warmer in the morning than in the sunboxes! So the system would never come on.
   So in the evening I used more of my bellwire and now have the cold sensor on the ground loop just as it comes up through the floor from the underground, into the GSHP.

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