Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sunboxes work at Night!

24 March 2010: As hoped for, the sunboxes continue to work in the evening.
Usually, the air temperature in the sunboxes drops when the sun sets, and the pump turns off.
  However, there is a time later in the evening when the heatpump is working harder (for evening heating or hot water), and the temperature of the glycol circuit in the ground loop drops, and then the sunboxes come back on again to retrieve more of the warmth left earlier... or to retrieve the milder night air-temperatures we are now getting.
  This is the big benefit compared with using a pro quality flat plate panel. These are designed to deliver high temperature heat for boosting water to 50 degrees. As mine are only trying to warm the earth, they do not need short sharp high quality, they need much longer periods of low quality heat, ie warmth.... even in the middle of the night!


  1. Nothing to really do with your post regarding the sunboxes, but this seems to be a consistently interesting rivalry between the two writers!


  2. Yes... i agree. But George prefaces his argument by saying that he doesnt believe the UK has enough Sun, period, end of discussion.
    That surely can be fundamentally disagreed with. If it is the case, we all have to get up, pack bags and migrate south. As long as we live in the UK, we have to make use of the resources we have, even if they are not as good as in Algeria. We cant all go for nuclear as he suggests as there are some very good arguments against nuclear, one of which is the time to bring it into action. The consensus seems to be for a =Multiplicity= of sources, wind, solar, water, nuclear etc... but not polluting coal.


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