Thursday, March 18, 2010

PhD Student on board!

18 March: I met today with Blaise, one of our PhD students, who is studying heatpumps, with a special interest in interseasonal storage, and PV-Thermal integration. He is in his third year of study, so cannot follow my project through the next three years, but can follow it up for the rest of this year, and can make good use of the data I have been recording since August 2009. It is useful for him to have a real time, full size project to measure data from. For me it is useful to move this to another level, particularly with getting him to set the datalogger successfully.
   Most of the technically oriented PhD students set up rigs of some sort to test out an idea, and this is is what my design is to me... a research rig. I don't need to do it for economic reasons, as the PV roof with the Feedin Tariff will give me free energy for as long as I stay here.... but I have so much invested in this heatpump that it has become a continuing preoccupation to find ways to make it perform better.
   I also feel confident enough with glycol plumbing that would cheerfully tackle the adding of a solar thermal panel with a water tank at some future date to preheat the HW, and save more energy - although we use so little hot water that it doesn't seem worth doing this as well.

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