Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Two visitors... three points... and one good idea!

23 March: Dr Chris Wood and Blaise visited today (Chris seeing it for the first time) to ask more questions and see it working. Chris is researching heatpumps at the moment on a real site, for Roger Bullivants (specialist ground engineers), so he is interested to see where this is leading. Chris recommends we get a datalogger with more analog channels than the 5 in the DT50. The DT500 has more.
  Earlier in the day, I hinged out the front panels of the sunboxes for a final internal wash before the scaffolding comes down. If there's any dirt on the inside of the glass, it will have to stay there for eternity now! (Our window cleaner will clean the outside, monthly, with ionized water.).
  I went to Nottingham Forest in the evening, so see our team beating Crystal Palace 2-0, but got highly distracted during the second half when contemplating another idea for a dual use sunbox combined with photovoltaic. This seems to have a lot of logic. Some of the game passed me by while thoughts revolved about the side profile, the fixings, louvring, modularity etc.... suddenly we scored a second goal. Nice - three points!
  It is difficult to have PV with a high temperature thermal panel as they are incompatible. PVs like to work cool. So if a PV is the front face of a Sunbox, the black slab behind will cool the airspace behind it in hot weather, and pick up heat radiated from the back of the PV panel. Because Sunboxes are best on a wall, the front face would have to be tilted. I might try to get a thermocouple underneath our present PV panels.
   I can feel another design idea coming on! (Pictures later...)

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