Saturday, April 24, 2010

Aluminium, Polycarbonate and bicycles

23 April : The Aluminium and the Polycarbonate have arrived, for the Sunboxes Mark 2. 
However... we have family staying, and the garage is full of bicycles and the decks are being cleared for my wife's birthday party on Sunday - so the radiator and the PV panel are in storage.

The work on the new sunbox cannot really start until next week. More family are arriving on the 24th, and there is a Forest match tomorrow.

During the afternoon, my daughter Sophie and I went for a 30kilometre bike ride - some things are more important than mucking about with drills, screwdrivers and wire! Quality time! We went to Attenborough Nature reserve and back, along the Trent.

I rode on my son's bike, a 'Specialised', and my daughter has a similar bike - so seemed like an easy ride - and during the afternoon, my son took my bike (a 30yr old Dawes) and gave it a thorough service.

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